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Acne junk, the solution!

Posted by Valérie Pelletier | | Acne, Buttons | 0 Comments

This acne that makes our life impossible ... Know that by speaking, it is resorbed!
I was taken a long time with acne problems and this, even more accentuated after my first childbirth ...
I am an introvert and rather discreet person. I am more comfortable in my laboratory doing research and developing new products than in front of a group of people. I describe my personality because I discovered that it has an influence on acne!

In fact, my pimples were worse when I was in a stressful situation or when I had to animate a training in front of an audience ... That's why with my researcher's mind, I started to make links between my emotions and my acne.
Over time, I have developed a range of healthy skin products (which help to regulate my pimple tendency), as well as learning to love and express myself.
I chose myself when I decided to practice the best job in the world, the one that was passed on to me, and that respects my passion to help people and to develop natural products that improve health problems. . Every day is a challenge and pushes me to surpass myself and accept myself as I am. By taking care of my natural skin, expressing myself and loving myself, my acne is almost a thing of the past!

I'll tell you that since I've been using my product line and I'm happy about my accomplishments, the appearance of junk is becoming rare and I feel so much better about myself (and that's what it reflects !).

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