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10 raisons de choisir Passion Herbale

10 reasons to choose Passion Herbale

With all the cosmetics companies available, whether local or not (hihi local buying is sure to be encouraged more), it can be difficult to position yourself and find each other to find the best products to use. In Herbal Passion, we prioritize the following ten points and this is what makes our products so effective and popular. Making Passion Herbale its beauty routine means encouraging a Quebec company that works hard to transmit the benefits of plants through quality cosmetic products. ????🥰????

1. 100% natural

Without hiding place, everything that makes up our products is natural. We prioritize this choice, because we know that using natural products offers good long and short term skin repercussions.

2. Quebec business

We are proud to be a local business. All of our products have been designed by Valérie Pelletier, Accredited Herbalist-Naturopath. In addition to designing it, we manufacture in our own laboratory all products.

3. Cruelty-free & Vegan

No test is only performed on animals to demonstrate the effectiveness of our products. All the ingredients used to compose our products are from vegetable origin. 

4. Certified organic ingredients

The choice of our ingredients is based on the quality of these, that's why the majority are certified organic to make sure there are no pesticides or other chemicals in our end product.

5. The benefits of medicinal plants

The plants that make up our products have been chosen according to their active properties, so that our products actually work and we see improvement using them.

6. Ecological solutions

It was in 2018 that we introduced our filling system by offering refill formats that allow keep the product fresh without compromising its quality. Our Ocean Bound certified tubes are 100% recycled and made of plastic fibers from ocean banks. We also offer certain products in compostable containers.

7. Knowledge of plants

Having completed studies in herbalism and natural sciences, the founder of the company carefully designed all products to help people use accessible products to meet their diverse skin needs.

8. Culture and picking

We are pampered by the diversity of plants that nature offers us in Quebec. It is with gratitude that we grow the majority of the plants used in our products, otherwise they come from a local producer.

9. A work from a to z

From design to finished product, we master each of the manufacturing stages of our products. We are proud to be able to say that everything made at Passion Herbale is made with our own hands. 

10. Made with a lot of Love and Passion

At Passion Herbale, we design, manufacture and distribute all our products with a lot of love. We decided to make our passion our life mission. We combined health and nature to give birth to Passion Herbale.

It is with all the love in the world that we are proud to offer products that are not only effective and natural, but also made with Passion for health and nature.

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